NaVida Privacy Policy

Collection- and uses of data

NaVida stores waypoints, track logs and bookmarks internally in the app on the device. This is all optional and initiated by the user. None of the information are sent out of the device except for when the user want to export the information using standard Android share functionality.

User Data

NaVida does not collect or store any personal data.

App Permissions

You can use the app without giving special permissions, but these are the explanations for usage of permissions.

Track logs

The user can start and stop the recording of track logs. A track log is a collection of locations and time stamps. The track logs can be viewed on the map and edited. The track logs are stored on the device. The user can choose to send the track logs as a GPX file export using the standard share functionality. Except for the user initiated export, the track information is not sent out of the device.


The user can store and edit bookmarks inside NaVida. A bookmark is a location, a zoom-level, a map layer and a name. The bookmarks are only used and stored internally in the app. No bookmark information are sent out of the device.

Map information

NaVida uses map tiles from different providers. This information is stored inside the app for offline capability and caching.

Third party

NaVida uses Mapbox as a Map Engine and also services from Mapbox. Mapbox Privacy

Delete of data

All of the data are stored inside the app on the device. The user can delete the app at any time to delete all of the app data. The user can also delete parts of the data within the app without deleting the whole app.